T2 (Bike To Run)

Transition two is generally less hectic than transition one. By this point in the race the competitors have begun to distance themselves from each other and are strung out, so it is much less crowded in the transition area. In addition, there are no bulky wetsuits to deal with, and most people are (reasonably) dry and have shoes on. Much like T1, the area of T2 will be roped or cordoned off from the public, with signs hung up designating sections for your race number. Find your segment and set your gear up in line with it. In my T2 area, I place my running shoes on a towel with the race belt stuck into them. If you’re not familiar with a race belt, it is a thin elastic belt which snaps around your waist, and which your race bib (the piece of paper displaying your name and race number) attaches to. You can buy these cheaply and it prevents fiddling with safety pins trying to attach the bib to your tri kit in a transition zone (you will not wear your race bib on the swim).

During my first half-Ironman my race belt was wedged under a bottle of Gatorade which I didn’t drink in T2, and I completely forgot to put it on. I made it several hundred yards down the road before I realized my error, and had to run back to the transition area to retrieve it. Unless specifically instructed otherwise, I like to only wear my race belt on the run. This prevents the bib from flapping around on while I’m biking. However, some races require you to display your bib during both the bike and run portions of the race; in this scenario your race belt and bib will need to be placed at T1.

If rain is in the forecast, put your running shoes and an extra pair of socks in gallon Ziplock bags before you drop them off at T2. There are few things worse than putting on a pair of soggy running shoes before a long run.

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