Ironman Santa Rosa 140.6: Race Reports, Details, Photos, And More

Today we’ll be profiling Ironman Santa Rosa, which takes place in the heart of California’s wine country. This race was new for 2017; it was previously referred to as Ironman Vineman. It’s a relatively slow race, with an average finishing time of 13:21:32.

Quick Stats

Name Ironman Santa Rosa
Location Santa Rosa, California
2017 Participants 2,151
2017 Finishers 1,712
2017 Men’s Winning Time 8:53:44 (52:35 / 4:43:42 / 3:08:42)
2017 Women’s Winning Time 9:58:45 (1:05:39 / 5:12:07 / 3:31:59)
Claim to fame Wine!

Of course, the best way to learn about a course is to read race recaps from people who’ve actually done it.

Ironman Santa Rosa Race Reports

The 2nd loop was mentally very difficult. It was lonely, hot, and I knew I was slowing down (to what, who knows…)
(10:20:51, raced in 2017)

In the days prior to the race the water temperature had been hovering around wetsuit legal and on raceday it was .1 degree under the cutoff, so this race very well could be a non-wetsuit swim next year. (9:43:07, raced in 2017)

Unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic going up to the swim start. I think these were people who were coming to cheer but there is literally almost no parking so it created a huge traffic jam. As a result we didn’t have a whole lot of time to mess around in transition before the race. A little bit of advice for future racers – get on that first bus. (14:30:35, raced in 2017)

The ride was really lovely. While the course didn’t have a ton of elevation gain, the ride was actually slightly more difficult than I anticipated. While none of the climbs were particularly hard, there were a fair number of rollers on the course, so effort levels were pretty consistent throughout. The weather was surprisingly nice, and there were parts with a gentle breeze. (13:11:01, raced in 2017)

The swim was beautiful for the first lap. The sun hadn’t risen, and Lake Sonoma waters were clean with decent visibility. (10:02:29, raced in 2017)

Right away on the second lap, I was running into swimmers that just had gotten into the water on their first lap. It was a nightmare. It felt like a washing machine of people I just couldn’t get around. There were people doing all kinds of things: backstroke, breaststroke, just sitting there treading water. I’ve never seen such a large group of people, not really swimming. (9:56:56, raced in 2017)

A couple sections of the road felt like they been transplanted from Iraq. Potholes and crumbling asphalt lay waste to a few tires of fellow triathletes, who resolved themselves to a time-draining tube change. Among the wreckage were dozens of water bottles, launched from their cages after encountering a fatal bump in the road. (11:56:01, raced in 2017)

Definitely the longest T1 I’ve done to date! They make you run up a very steep boat ramp a good 1/3rd of a mile, zig-zag around transition and the changing tents, before finally making your way to your bike. This transition can cause your heart rate to fly through the roof if you let it. (9:16:56, raced in 2017)

Have you written a race report or recap for Ironman Santa Rosa? Post its URL in the comments section below and I’ll add it to the list!

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