Ironman New Zealand 140.6: Race reports, details, photos, and more

Today we’ll be profiling Ironman New Zealand, which has taken place in the beautiful city of Taupo near the center of New Zealand’s north island since 1985.

Athletes’ Choice Awards: Overall Satisfaction, Overall Swim, Overall Bike, Overall Run, Best Host City Experience, Best Post Race Celebration, Will Attend Next Year, Will Recommend to a Friend. (Wow.)

Quick Stats

Name Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New Zealand (ugh)
Location Taupo, New Zealand
2017 Participants 1,270
2017 Finishers 1,009 (79.4%)
2017 Men’s Winning Time  8:20:58 (48:11 / 4:39:55 / 2:48:23)
2017 Women’s Winning Time  9:09:47 (59:14 / 5:05:24 / 2:59:40)
Claim to fame Over half the field comes from outside the country every year

Of course, the best way to learn about a course is to read race recaps from people who’ve actually done it.

Ironman New Zealand Race Recaps

New Zealand is a nice place. I really like the country and the race.  The course was extremely tough – that varies year over year based on weather.  I would highly recommend it if you have the time and the budget to do so. (10:14:59, raced in 2015)


All in all, it was an epic day, perhaps not my desired result, but there are a heap of positives I can take from a result like this!  The conditions on this day meant making the finish line was the real result.  Massive kudos to all 1100 odd athletes that made the finish line on March 4th 2017, it was a killer day out there and the medal was well-earned! (11:09:35, raced in 2017)

Ironman New Zealand would have to be the hardest race yet and I am so thankful I had the solid run program from fluid movements to get me through the backend of this race. (10:43:00, raced in 2017)

I don’t panic, I keep pedalling, and stick to my nutrition plan of 1 bidon of Gatorade every hour with a gel/shot blocks/energy bar. I reach the turn around and the wind smacks me in the face straight away. My speed drops to about 26km/h and as I head closer back to Taupo the wind picks up even more. (12:45:10, raced in 2017)

The howling wind that woke me up early in the morning made the lake sound like an ocean and the waves resembled an Ocean Bay. Nearly 127 athletes of the 1200 starters would be pulled from the water which caused the 70.3 to be delayed due to no available support, pro’s dropping out during the swim, 5X IMNZ Champion Meredith Kessler going 7 min slower than typical, and Cameron Brown saying that this was the hardest ever IMNZ swim (in 20 Starts of the race!). The Did Not Finish (DNF) rate was as high as 16% which is quite high for IM. (10:17:33, raced in 2017)

I was told by many that the bike course in New Zealand was tough. A bit of undulation, a couple of decent hills and apparently the road surface was rough. I found the hills, a bit of head wind but never found the legendary rough road surface. It was no where near as bad as the straights at Port Macquarie and the road between Nowra and Braidwood on the South Coast of New South Wales that I did all my training on was rougher. I was happy with what I found in Taupo. (11:19:57, raced in 2014)

I crossed the finish line after 11 hours and 16 minutes. Not exactly as fast as I was hoping for, but a good time for me nevertheless. (11:16:00, raced in 2015)

The bike started off well, and after completing a small loop through town it was out onto the main road. It is hard for me to describe with my limited vocabulary how beautiful and surreal the Ironman NZ bike course is. As I was getting into my zone on the bike I couldn’t help but be distracted by the amazing landscape shimmering behind a light mist of rain like a watermark. The contrast of colours, mixed with the smells of the country truly add to the authenticity of the race. (9:37:38, raced in 2015)

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