Getting Started

Triathlons are intriguing; that’s why you’re here. You may have done a few short races before and looking to move up to a longer distance, or you may be completely new to the sport. You have likely spent time online and in bookstores researching exactly what you are getting yourself into, and are probably feeling apprehensive and finding the whole thing quite daunting. What is a tri kit? What goes in a special needs bag? How do I set up my transition zone? How do I swim a straight line in open water?

Take a breather and keep these two truths in mind:

  1. It is hard
  2. It is doable

That may sound trite, but it’s the best advice you can receive right now. The good news is that virtually any reasonably healthy adult can complete a full Ironman with only about one year of proper training. (The bad news is that the “proper training” in this case will be quite intense.)

Follow these steps:

1.) Choose a coach or training partner

2.) Choose a race distance

3.) Choose a race

4.) Choose a training plan

5.) Know the triathlon training principles

6.) Get your triathlon training gear